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Bones as buildings, functional, standing.
Bones as broken technology.
Bones as mangled fibre optic cables.
Bones as broken bodies turned to cityscape.

Bones as bodies, dead and alive.

Bones turned in on themselves.

Brittle, fragments escaping.

Lethal shards.

Bones as action, as building blocks.

Bone shrapnel, endangering you.

Bone roads.

Bone power,

bone transformers,

bones successfully carrying current,

peaceful bone power lines colored by pink sunset.

A bone fist ready to strike.

Bones as failure.

Bones as roadways to dead ends.


There is nowhere to go.

Carbon's anniversary.

Something else will use your carbon.

Machines, androids, half-human, half-cyborg, A.I. will receive your carbon.

Abandon your bones.


Zeke Campbell
May 2019, Bussum

Copy right by Szilvia Mondel 2015

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